words & images of soul & resistance

Bow. is a book of dispatches from the struggle for Asian-American soul. Poems, stories, and articles set alongside photographs and illustrations, serve as reflections on

  • who we are
  • what we have been taught to unquestioningly submit to
  • and-how we resist.

Bow. is a conversation starter, celebration of conviction, and reminder of the work ahead.

Bow. is a step into the fight of faith, culture, and community.

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Black Hardcover; $50 for book; $5 shipping in the U.S.

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Mark Maza
Simon Tam
Justin Woo
Taz Ahmed
Karen Joyce
Arianna Basco
Joe Kye
Alice Tse
Krystal Herrera
Vanessa Na
Andrew Ti
J. Han
Naomi Lee
Teresa Lee
Benjamin To
Craig Taubman
Traci Lee
Alex Luu
Andrew Chau
Chris Jacob