Severance by Ling Ma: A Book Review
A Post-Apocalyptic, Hilarious, Heartwarming Take on Separation and Belonging

I don’t read dystopias. Not until now, that is. It might be because dystopias can be too grim or too cynical. I’ve heard from way too many people that after the election, they’ve foregone reading dystopian novels because it is just too real. And it’s true; there is already too much death around us.

"If Beale Street Could Talk" Film Review

Director Barry Jenkins’ film, “If Beale Street Could Talk” (2018), stays faithful to the central theme of love in James Baldwin’s original novel while adding Jenkins’ own voice.

The Reign of God
Review of a graphic novel emphasizing Jesus' humanity

"The Reign of God: A Gospel Story" (2017) by Issey Fujishima is a graphic novel that attempts to reclaim the humanity and complexity of Jesus as a person in history. How human was Jesus? How much did he struggle with his calling?

The Soil from Which We Create Our Art

I read once about how some of the most delicious wines are grown in places with the least fertile soils. The inhospitable land forces the grape vine roots to go deeper to look for nutrients and water, and the energy in the sugars created focuses its way to the fruit, resulting in potency in flavor.

The Myth of Home
"Lion" and The Narrative of Happily Ever After

“Lion”, starring Dev Patel, is a film that chronicles the journey of Saroo, an Indian adoptee who seeks out his biological family 25 years after he is adopted.

Faith, Culture, Politics, Come Together in Scorsese’s Silence

Endo, Bonhoeffer, King. The teachings of these three Christian leaders swirled in my mind over the weekend.

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