Issue #33 | Jul 2015

Black Lives Matter

Black and Yellow
By Daniel Chou

As Asian Americans, we have not only struggled with African Americans, but also benefited from their witness and their fight.

Faith and Activism, Step by Step
By Alisa Wong with Todd Endo

In March 1965, Todd joined the fight for their voting rights in the Deep South — Selma, Alabama. He was one of only a few Asian Americans there.

A Robbery Gone Wrong
By Peter Yoo

Even before the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, tensions between African Americans and Korean Americans were already strained. But past hurts don’t have to dictate how we live today and in the future.

Changing Obstacles to Vehicles
By Young Lee Hertig

The first bilateral symposium between African and Asian American faith leaders in Los Angeles was birthed from the mentorship of African American spirituality.

By Jason Chu

A poem about Jason's grandma and where she was, so he could go where she hasn't.

Same Problems
By Elliot Park with Socheat Chum

For Socheat, growing up in an urban city meant sharing the same experiences as Mexican and Black Americans.

Racial Reconciler
By Anna Sun

Embracing other ethnicities meant first embracing her own ethnic identity.

An Unexpected Advocate (Part Three)
By Ken Uyeda Fong

Plans fall through, but a new opportunity arises — one that may mean exposing Ken to even greater criticism and misunderstanding.