Issue #34 | Aug 2015

Have You Eaten?

Hungry or Not, Here We Come
By Daniel Chou

Asian cultures are famous for their love for food. How does that translate to our hunger for God?

Rich Food and Aged Wine
By Matthew Kang

From grilled porterhouses to lobster rolls, Matthew has had the finest food in all the land. Here’s a look at why he keeps eating, and the meal he’s most eagerly awaiting.

Trading Disorder For Order
By Joyce Lee

One apple. 72 calories. Seventy-two calories more than what Joyce allowed herself for that day's diet.

Eat More, Eat Less
By John Riley with Kate Suriyatip

In the context of Thai standards of beauty, the idea of "finishing your plate" gets much more complicated.

Meal by Meal
By Joyce Chang with Sung and Wai Tse

Sharing food for them was not just an expression of love, but also about sharing culture and connecting with community.

Hidden Spiritual Gifts
By Crystal Wong

Crystal always thought that she had no spiritual gift ... until she found a gift for cooking, and for hospitality.

Eating Simply
By David Pat

In a culture where eating out has become a hobby, David shares how simplifying what he ate helped him to better seek God.

An Unexpected Advocate (Part Four)
By Ken Uyeda Fong

The final part in Ken's series on answering his calling to love openly gay Christians. But his journey continues.