Andre ChenFeng is an advocate for liberation-based healing in education. He is a Ph.D. student at Claremont Graduate University, with a research focus on the integration of empathy and equity in higher education, specifically, how contemplative practices coupled with a racial justice approach can impact teacher wellbeing. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Claremont Graduate University in the Teacher Education Program. Andre received his B.A and M.Ed. from UCLA. He taught 7th and 8th-grade mathematics for eight years at the UCLA Community School in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he watches "This Is Us" with his wife and enjoys reading picture books with his 2.5-year-old son.

Marriage Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game
By Jessica ChenFeng and Andre ChenFeng

Sometimes, the way power is negotiated in social justice spaces looks like this: those with more societal power need to relinquish power, and those with less seek to gain more. The misconception is that there is a limited amount of power to share, and so it pits groups against one another. This leads to an endless cycle of bitterness and resentment.