Darren Inouye is a Los Angeles-based artist with a desire to tell stories that will impact culture. Check out his work at darrenin.com.

These Are Our Roots
By Daniel Chou

The idea for Inheritance began with a simple mandate. Already publisher of a popular Chinese Christian magazine, Sean saw an opportunity to do the same thing for the “second generation”. Share some testimonies, encourage readers.

Echoing Through the Generations of Japanese Americans
by Paul Matsushima

A FEW YEARS AGO, a couple of church friends and I visited Manzanar National Historic Site on the way to a fishing trip in Mammoth, California. It wasn't your typical detour — visiting an incarceration camp that imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II.

The Right to Remain Silent
By Daniel Chou

I STILL REMEMBER the first time I voted. Our entire first grade class lined up single file to go downstairs and down the hall to the school library, where we were each handed paper ballots.

In the Midst of Conflict

THE PEOPLE CAREFULLY chose their seats around the meeting table. They huddled together with their “us” as distinct from those who were “them”.