Erna Kim Hackett recently launched a new project for women of color called Liberated Together. She received her masters in intercultural studies from the Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies. She is passionate about empowering WOC leaders, and helping Jesus followers get free from white supremacy, patriarchy, and other nonsense.

Why I Stopped Talking About Racial Reconciliation and Started Talking About White Supremacy
By Erna Kim Hackett

Recently, people have asked me, “Why isn’t talking about white privilege enough, why white supremacy?” There is an obvious discomfort with the term by white people. The one exception to that is when things like Charlottesville happen.

Navigating Church Community as a Biracial Christian
by Erna Hackett

Everybody’s family is a little bit Oprah or even a little bit Jerry Springer. We all have a little crazy in our family story. Mine stands out from the start — my dad was white and grew up in rural Washington on a Native American reservation as the son of a sharecropper.