Dr. James He was former Professor at Nanjing Theological Seminary (1983-2005), and visiting professor of Nanjing University and Nanjing Art Institute (1998-2002). Now, He is an artist-in-residence and visiting scholar at Fuller Theological Seminary. He was a former board member of Asian Christian Artists Association (1998-2006). Dr. James He is a Distinguished Professor of Renmin University of China in Beijing (2016-2019) He also was an artist-in-residence of Claremont School of Theology (2015-2016). He studied at Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing Art Institute, and Hamburg Art Institute in Germany, and received his Doctor Degree on the art history and religious art in 1992. He was awarded Honorary Doctor Degree from Australian Catholic University in May 2011. He also received the 20th Century Award for Achievement in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of Religious Art Theory and Christian Art Creation of IBC in Cambridge UK. His art works has been displayed in numerous cities, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angels, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Birmingham (AL), Pittsburgh, St.Louis, Hartford (CT), Elizabethton (TN), Richmond (VA), Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong, Nanjing, London, Oxford, Gevena, and Aachen. He has also been invited to lecture at Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Chicago Wheaton College,Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Nanjing University, Toronto University, Augsburg College, St. Olaf College, Alliance Bible Seminary, HK Lutheran Theological Seminary, Doshisha University, St. Paul Luther Seminary, Milligan College (TN), Drew University (NJ), Samford University, Calvin College(MI), The United Theological Seminary, and others. His art works have been introduced in numerous newspaper and magazines, such as The Washington Post, Christianity Today, Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong Cable TV, BBC-UK, ABC-Australia in Sydney, the National Geographic Channel,Copenhagen Daily (Denmark), Bet Binnenhof Daily in the Netherlands, China “Fine Art”, Xinhua News Paper, Princeton Post, Minnesota Monthly,Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, and WCCO TV. He Qi’s official website: heqiart.com.

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