Jennifer Y. Tu (she/her) is a proud second-generation Chinese American, born and raised in New Orleans. She is currently an M.T.S. and M.D. candidate at Duke University. She majored in neurobiology at Harvard College where she pursued dementia research and advocacy. After graduating, she spent a year in Taipei, Taiwan as a Luce Scholar, focusing on dementia caregiver burden, receiving mentorship in geriatrics and psychiatry, and learning Mandarin and Taiwanese. Her interests have led her to the intersections between medicine, religion & spirituality, music, and mental health.

Who Will Sweep the Tombs?
A lament for Asian Americans and allies
By Jennifer Y. Tu

Hope cannot be found solely in this world, where cycles of violence repeat themselves, and the idol of a white imperial God-man has brought up killers, not fishers of men. We, as people made in God’s image, are the hope.