Jessica L. ChenFeng, PhD, LMFT, is Associate Professor of Medical Education and Associate Director of Physician Vitality at Loma Linda University Health, and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Her research, writing, and clinical work centers around sociocontextual issues such as gender and power, Asian American identity, and Christian spirituality. Most recently, she co-authored the book, "Finding Your Voice as a Beginning Marriage and Family Therapist". Jessica identifies as a second-generation Taiwanese American liberative educator and lives in Montclair, California, with her husband, their young toddler, and miniature Schnauzer. She loves trees, sourdough bread baking, learning how to sew her own clothes, connecting over coffee, and lightly sweetened jasmine milk tea.

Marriage Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game
By Jessica ChenFeng and Andre ChenFeng

Sometimes, the way power is negotiated in social justice spaces looks like this: those with more societal power need to relinquish power, and those with less seek to gain more. The misconception is that there is a limited amount of power to share, and so it pits groups against one another. This leads to an endless cycle of bitterness and resentment.