Kylie Foo was, for a time, a Master of Divinity candidate at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She is currently a lay member in the United Church of Christ and eats entire bags of salted egg fish skin chips in single sittings.

Choosing a Denomination for a New Kind of Church
By Kylie Foo

My religious life began with attending Buddhist temples in Singapore, but after my mother joined a Christian church, I entered a long period of searching for churches that aligned with my changing values, theological beliefs, and increasingly multi-layered background.

Home: Neither Here Nor There
By Kylie Foo

Like most young immigrants, I came to the United States for reasons outside of my control. At 9, my family moved to California from Singapore with every intention of moving back within a few years. In fact, my mother had paid next year’s school fees in advance to reserve my spot, and even purchased some of the textbooks for the next year so I could work through them while overseas (I was an impressively industrious student at the time).