Marsha Ungchusri is a Chinese-Thai-Texan-American living in the D.C. area. Marsha holds a masters in Clinical Nutrition (grocery shopping is her shoe shopping!). When she isn’t tinkering with new cooking techniques, she can be found teaching hot hatha yoga. She is convinced the meaning of life can be found in a pot of just simmering stock or in the stillness between yoga asana. You can find her cooking stories at

Folding Dumplings, Unfolding Grief
By Marsha Ungchusri

One stormy afternoon, Auntie sat with me at our kitchen table. I was in third grade and wildly enthusiastic about everything origami, eager to show off my crane-folding skills. Relieved at a low-key activity to partake in, my bookish Auntie started to fold a paper boat for my cranes to ride in.