Nina Lau-Branson is a spiritual director working with individuals and groups. She pioneered InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Asian American student work as their first director. She is currently working with Fuller Seminary, the Free Methodist Church, and other organizations in spiritual formation and leadership coaching. 

Gateway to Grace
By Nina Lau-Branson

In the midst of my tears, the image of the patriarch sitting in the clouds peering down and handing me an F flips to another image.

Patriarch God
By Nina Lau-Branson

She was a Nobody, a woman of little or no face. We don’t know her name, just a Woman of the City, a Sinner — of probably sexual sin because women who lie or are envious aren’t called sinners in the same way.

In the Midst of Conflict

THE PEOPLE CAREFULLY chose their seats around the meeting table. They huddled together with their “us” as distinct from those who were “them”.