Ruth Le is the first American born child in her Vietnamese family that migrated to Boston, Massachusetts. Chasing the sun to Los Angeles, she attended the University of Southern California for her Bachelor’s in Public Policy and received her master’s in special education at Loyola Marymount University. Her capstone project entitled “Building Communities through Restorative Practices in Schools” embeds student voice, critical hope and the practice of circle in bringing about safer classrooms. Called Ms. Le during the day, she is in her 4th year as a special education high school educator at Camino Nuevo High School co-teaching 11th grade English and geometry. Through poetry, facilitating dialogue and obsessive color coding, she hopes to continue exploring identity and spaces for sharing stories. Ruth enjoys playing volleyball, drinking sweet coffees, and browsing Spotify for new releases.

Building Bridges for the Vietnamese Diaspora
By Ruth Le

In the library of the Alliance Evangelical Divinity School in Anaheim, California, I find Pastor Tai Nguyen hanging up a series of photos with an air of nostalgia, visual reminders of evangelism and his ministry in Vietnam before 1975.