Serena Lee (she/her/hers) is an associate clinical social worker practicing as a therapist in Orange County providing mental health services for under-resourced individuals and groups. Serena graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Spring 2021 and is hoping to eventually earn her license and Ph.D in social work. Three most important passions in her life include church community, mental health and restorative justice, and theology. Some things that give her life are bouldering, playing and writing music, and hanging out with her friends!

My Creatures and I: Loving the Girls I’ve Been
By Serena Lee

One way to think about the impact of trauma is to consider the impact accidents have on a car. If a car crashes, it will most likely require fixing. Repeated crashes will most likely lead to even greater issues, not only externally, but also internally. Even if the car can still run, it’s likely that without intervention, its capacity to remain functional will be limited and quickly depleted.

Befriending Uncertainty, Unfriending Responsibility
By Serena Lee

I’ve had my fair share of Christians over-spiritualizing my emotional and mental pain. Unbeknownst to me, these negative interactions with other Christians shaped my belief that mental health could only be appropriately addressed by mental health professionals.

We’re People, Not Projects
By Serena Lee

They actually laughed at me when I finally showed them my Zoloft prescription. “You can’t be depressed if you’re a strong Christian!” Mama exclaimed. “Everyone is depressed. You should be able to get over being ‘sad’ without medication,” Baba mocked.

Generational Hurt and Healing
Finding Common Spaces to Learn and Listen
By Serena Lee

A church auntie snatched the microphone out of my hand. “Enough! You’ve said enough; now sit down.” “Young people,” I heard someone mutter as I sat down.