Serena Lee is a recent graduate of Westmont College. She majored in religious studies, and currently works at a group home for adolescents with mental health and developmental disabilities in the foster care system. She is passionate about how race, mental health, and theology interact, and hopes to combine her interests to create safe spaces for Asian Americans to share their mental health stories. In her free time, Serena likes to write and record her music, and can be found watching “Friends”, “This is Us”, or “Parenthood” while sipping a bottle of ginger beer! 

We’re People, Not Projects
By Serena Lee

They actually laughed at me when I finally showed them my Zoloft prescription. “You can’t be depressed if you’re a strong Christian!” Mama exclaimed. “Everyone is depressed. You should be able to get over being ‘sad’ without medication,” Baba mocked.

Generational Hurt and Healing
Finding Common Spaces to Learn and Listen
By Serena Lee

A church auntie snatched the microphone out of my hand. “Enough! You’ve said enough; now sit down.” “Young people,” I heard someone mutter as I sat down.