Sina Uipi is a first-generation Tongan American woman born and raised in Los Angeles. She earned a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University, with a minor in women studies and counseling. Sina currently works as a community liaison for the Tongan Community Service Center, offering application assistance to the Tongan community to become naturalized citizens. She is a recent graduate of the 2016-2017 Emerging Leaders Program, a fellowship through Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. Sina is passionate about her community and representing its voice on as many platforms as possible.

A Home Away From Home
Continuing Sione Uvea Uipi’s Legacy with the Tongan People
By Sina Uipi

Sione Uvea Uipi lived life knowing that things were bigger than himself. He was born and raised in Fakakai Ha’apai, an island in the Kingdom of Tonga — one of the last standing monarchies in Polynesia.