The Need

Asian American Christians report 20-27% more symptoms of depression, than their white or African American counterparts. Research [1] shows that this may be due to the Asian environment creating tension with American culture.

When we fail to discuss location, racial, and denomination differences on generational, racial, and faith difficulties, we end up with no community, identity, or purpose.
will tseng, former editor-in-chief of inheritance

In a time when Asian Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S. [2], but still marginalized or even ridiculed [3], your financial support allows us to say that we are an invaluable gift to the rest of the Christian community, and to the world.

"The two dimensions in a marginal situation — in-between-ness and nonacceptance by the dominant group — are not discrete but interrelated ... The marginality of Asian Americans is a coerced in-between-ness, or an in-between-ness that is seemingly permanent by the dominant group."
Sang Hyun lee
(in "marginality as coerced liminality")
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A Part of the Solution

Every month, we bring the attention of thousands of readers — both in print and online — to consider difficult topics through various thoughtful perspectives, in the hopes that we might rediscover ways of understanding God and how we are called to be in community with one another.

stories that offer a new hope

Come and Stay a While
Pastor Joshua Lee broke out of the commuter church mold to live as a committed resident Hayward, CA
Don't Pray For What's Not Broken
"Is Liam, who has an extra chromosome 21 in every cell of his body, created in the image of God?"
When God Calls a Priest
On Saturday, September 29, 2012, Christine Lee became the first Korean American woman ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church
How Queer Evangelicals Brought this Skeptical Journalist Back to Christianity
"I met queer evangelicals who spoke the language of my faith and reminded me of all the reasons I became a Christian in the first place."

stories that challenge how we understand theological concepts

Vagina, Penis, and Being Created as Sexual Beings
The director of Fuller's Asian American Center says, "Because of our Asian heritage, we either repress our sexuality or reject any bodily pleasure altogether."
Silence as Loud as Speech
When their 1-year-old son died of cancer, Dan and his wife found community through lament
Creating Sabbath Together
Practicing Sabbath was already hard enough as a single person — it was even more difficult when Beverly got married
Trading Disorder For Order
She had to let go of calorie counting behind to experience the joy of food. "Perfection was the standard, and failure was not allowed. There was no middle ground."

stories that retell history

Faith and Activism, Step by Step
Todd Endo is the last surviving Japanese American who walked in the 1965 Selma protest alongside Dr. King
Chinese Evangelical Vincent Chin Pronounced Dead
In this hypothetical story, Pastor Tim Tseng wonders if anything would be different if Vincent Chin had been an evangelical Christian
Digging for Roots
Baldwin Chiu and Larissa Lam thought that finding their roots would take them to China — they ended up in Mississippi
Under the Umbrella
An ABC's observations of Hong Kong's Democracy Movement
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