Issue #69 | Sep 10, 2020

The F-Word

We face our fears, anxieties, worries, and try to learn from what they’re telling us.‍
Between Plainfield and Barrio Three
Theological Reflections on Home and Belonging
By Colton Bernasol

My father returned to the Philippines because he decided he couldn’t live here. When he left, he told me that he felt he could either be Filipino or human, and that in the United States, the former was incompatible with the latter. That is what colonialism and white supremacy do.

My Twisted Fantasy of White Jesus
How My Proximity to Evangelical Christianity Was Really a Proximity to White Supremacy
By Melody Liao-Chamberlain

Currently, I’m searching for this other Jesus — the brown-skinned Middle Eastern Jesus who was born in the margins, lived in the margins and died in the margins. The Jesus who never accumulated wealth, never owned a home, never pastored at a church, never married, and who worked a blue-collar job his whole life.

Befriending Uncertainty, Unfriending Responsibility
By Serena Lee

I’ve had my fair share of Christians over-spiritualizing my emotional and mental pain. Unbeknownst to me, these negative interactions with other Christians shaped my belief that mental health could only be appropriately addressed by mental health professionals.

A Fear of Being Forgotten
By Chris Chacko

I have begun to wonder if those who deliver our eulogies are the storytellers of our lives and if our funerals are the official initiation of our legacies — the beginning of the curation of our lives into symbols by others. Death has been an incessant presence in my mind lately.

A Plague On My Family
By Sarah D. Park

Then, a plague on my body, of too much of something no one can name. Mysterious are God’s ways, to send a plague but harden the heart, that we might see some glory.

Un/Belonging in the Bay
By Ellen Chen

In God’s kingdom, as with all great gardeners, pruning is caring. Without pruning, my life will become something even I don’t want — an overgrown, prickly bush with no fruit to offer. In this challenging season, I’ve felt pruned and exposed of my misplaced hopes, and I am continuously reminded of a self-important agenda flowing in the undercurrents of my heart, rather than being drawn to relinquishing my own ways in surrender.

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