Inheritance Artists' Kit

Updated June 10, 2020
I. DimensionsII. Supporting Imagery Considerations

I. Dimensions

General Considerations

  1. Suggested dimensions: 1500px by 1500px, 843px by 1500px.
  2. Please keep in mind that supporting imagery will be viewed both horizontally as well as vertically on mobile devices. Consider your compositions within this context.

For Illustrators

  1. If possible, please provide thumbnails describing your concepts.
  2. Please consider submitting anywhere between 1-3 final images for publishing.
  3. Submit final illustrations as .jpgs in RGB at 300dpi.

For Photographers

  1. Please provide a selection of photos for review.
  2. No borders or watermarks.
  3. Submit .jpgs in RGB at 300dpi.
  4. Provide any edited images as well as original.

II. Supporting Imagery Considerations

  1. Treat any and all subjects with dignity and respect.
  2. Proper Representation (if piece is written in first person): If using subjects in the illustration or photograph, please try to match the gender and race/ethnicity of the author. If unsure about a subject's pronouns, please contact the person who assigned your work.
  3. Use of Dark/Light Imagery: Avoid using dark/light imagery that reinforces notions of dark as bad/evil and light as good/truth. Aim to disrupt and dismantle racially harmful tropes of anti-Blackness that are rampant in the media, the arts, and dominant discourses.
  4. Do Not Glorify or Romanticize Violence: Avoid creating supporting imagery that encourages violence, hatred, abuse, misogyny, self-harm, etc. However, if shared in relation to important and newsworthy events, and imagery is shared to condemn or raise awareness and educate, it may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Subjects in Content: You certify that you have the permission of subjects featured in any content that you submit. If there are any individuals under the age of 18 in any photos, video, or other content that you submit, you must obtain the permission of each such individual’s parent or legal guardian prior to submitting the content.