When Ancient Time Shuts Tight Its Rusted Doors

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By Michael Stalcup
Illustration by Lisa Kogawa
Aug 05, 2018 | min read
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When ancient time shuts tight its rusted doors
And fastens keyless lock upon its stair,
Beforehand emptying its storied floors
Of all who have traversed and mingled there,
What din or silence will those halls release
As, ushered out into the last frontier,
The throng of nations and of centuries
On lush eternity’s expanse appears!
The hallowed King emerges from the haze
With beauty for which words hold not the hue
Yet still so many cast their longing gaze
On time’s worn inn, the only home they knew;
But home at last, my heart and eyes will race
To rest upon my risen Savior’s face.

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Michael Stalcup

Michael Stalcup is a Thai-American missionary and poet living in Thailand. After five years on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in California, he currently serves as a campus staff with Thai Christian Students (IFES) in Bangkok, helping college students to know and follow Jesus. Find him online at www.michaelstalcup.com.

Lisa Kogawa

Lisa Kogawa is an illustrator who was born and raised in Japan, and currently works in Los Angeles. She spends her day collecting books and documenting ordinary life moments. Her illustrations experiences her surroundings into her own perspective of color palette and details. See more at lisakogawa.com.

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