Adaobi Ugoagu is a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger who has a deep passion for design, social justice, and Jesus. Her eclectic writing background includes: producing an ethnography on the institutionalization of the American Church, and publishing content for the beauty and entertainment aggregator BeautyCon. She is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California.

In Great Company
Prophetic Stewardship and Space
By Adaobi Ugaogu with Carl Choi

AS YOU APPROACH the southern part of the Los Angeles Arts District, you come across a narrow back alleyway where warped monsters and psychedelic fonts jump off the wall of a large building.

Me, Myself, and My Pencils
By Adaobi Ugoagu with Grace Ding

GRACE SAT AT HER DESK with a clean sheet of paper, the blank sheet beckoning her to begin the process of creating. Placed to the right of the paper were five colored pencils — all the materials she would use for this session.