Rev. Aizaiah G. Yong, PhD (he/him) is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. He is also a Pentecostal Christian minister who is committed to cultivating intercultural/interreligious communities that embody compassion, courage, and are pursuing liberation for all.

Who is My Neighbor?
The Importance of Practicing Interracial “Fusion Friendships”
By Julius Thomas II and Aizaiah G. Yong

In contemporary U.S. society, polarization and division are rampant. We have forgotten that we are all neighbors to one another, or in other words, that our destiny is inextricably interwoven. Being a neighbor implies we treat one another with dignity and respect, learning to value and cherish our cultural differences.

I Am More Than Half
By Aizaiah Yong

I was playing basketball in seventh grade when someone yelled out, “Look, it’s Yao Ming!” At first, I didn’t know if this was a compliment or if the person was ignorant. I then realized they were making fun of the color of my skin.