Angel B. Lee is a Korean American by way of Idaho, Southern California, Beijing, Seoul, New York City, and now back in Los Angeles working as a freelance graphic designer. She attends Pacific Crossroads Church, and when she’s not designing, she loves exchanging narratives, traveling abroad, hip hop music and dancing, kettle corn, dog noses, and cold pillows.

3 x 21
By Set (Angel B. Lee)

It was a frigid winter in Junla-Namdo, South Korea, a country still scarring from the Korean War. In a dark corner of a semi-outdoor kitchen, Hana silently cried as she rubbed the cheek that had been crisply slapped by her abusive mother-in-law.

Our Grandmothers are Fighting to be Heard
by Chris Kang

IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, you've watched a healthy amount of Korean drama. Korean dramas are notoriously addictive, despite their often-predictable storylines.