Bill Watanabe retired in June 2012 after serving for 32 years as the founding Executive Director of the Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation (LTSC CDC). Starting as a one-person office in 1980, LTSC under Bill's leadership became a multi-purpose community-service agency in downtown Los Angeles with over 140 paid staff providing services for seniors, youth & families, low income housing, childcare and many other programs in central LA. It is recognized as one of the premiere nonprofits in community development work. Bill volunteers his time mostly with the Little Tokyo Historical Society and other projects related to historic and cultural preservation. He is a member of Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel Valley and has served as the Moderator for many years. Bill received his Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA, is married and has one daughter, and lives in Silverlake, only a short drive to his ethnic neighborhood of Little Tokyo.

Governments Never Say They’re Sorry
By Bill Watanabe

During the years of American involvement in World War II, from 1941 – 1945, 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry (called Nikkei) were incarcerated in various remote areas of the U.S. without any due process or regard for constitutional rights.

Grasping at Threads
By Bill Watanabe

Our nation has drastically changed since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States — a change that exemplifies the deep tears within the fabric of our society.

Break His Arm
By Bill Watanabe

During my recent personal and emotional struggles to accept the election of DT as the President of the United States, I have had to deal with some very un-Christian attitudes.