Daniel D. Lee, Ph.D., is the assistant provost for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry and assistant professor of theology and Asian American ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives in Southern California with his wife and three daughters and enjoys hiking, bouldering, and eating good food.

Spiritual Lies and Superficial Reconciliation
By Daniel D. Lee

I grew up with youth pastors preaching about how we should not say “jeez!” or “gosh!” because we were really saying “Jesus Christ!” and “God!” and thereby implicitly taking the Lord’s name in vain. As much as I wanted to honor God, that just seemed frivolous.

Vagina, Penis, and Being Created as Sexual Beings
By Daniel D. Lee

“DADDY, I HAVE A VAGINA and you have a penis, because I'm a girl and you are a boy." I was resting on the sofa, just minding my own business, when my daughter comes up and says this whole bit about the vagina and penis.

Love Creates
By Ken Uyeda Fong and Daniel D. Lee

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I brought our church's worship team to the home studio of a good friend and jazz fusion artist who's a part of our church.

Leaving Misconceptions and Uniting in Truth

JUDY AND I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this past summer. But it has only been a couple of years since I really saw how our marriage worked and what its inner dynamics were like — in fact, for the first decade, I lived with some deep misconceptions.