Daniel Lam (he/him/his) is a physician, writer, and knitter from San Francisco. As a Chinese American, he took piano lessons for 12 consecutive years and cooks rice with the knuckle method. As a gay man, he was surprised at just how tall Eureka O'Hara is in person. He currently lives in Colorado with his partner, Dante, and their dog, Sylvia. See his work (knitted and otherwise) at www.masculiknity.com.

A Different Way Than Out
By Daniel Lam

In truth, my grievance with “coming out” is not with the metaphor itself. It is with language as a whole — the soullessness of its vehicle, its concreteness, its singular instinct to unravel a knot into a linear string of vowels and consonants. Language has disappointed me in its inability to capture my sexuality in every one of its stages, in all of its obscurity and uncertainty.