Eunice Ho (she/her/hers) is a proud graduate of the UCSD Ethnic Studies undergraduate program and the UCLA Teacher Education Program Ethnic Studies cohort. She honors both her ancestors who came before her and her loved ones who choose to stand alongside her in pursuit of justice, liberation, and healing. Today, she is a history teacher who uses humanizing Ethnic Studies pedagogy; as a graphic designer, she also visualizes data-driven research around educational inequity. Things that give her life include her many houseplants, reading, rock climbing, and watching thought-provoking TV shows.

Reopening Schools
By Eunice Ho and Xitlaly Sanchez

The arguments to “re-open” schools and revert to a pre-pandemic world reveal preexisting racist and classist disparities that have only grown starker with distance learning.

To the Boy on the Couch
By Kenji Kuramitsu

DEAR LITTLE RYAN, You will always remember the day your mom sat you and your sisters down on the fraying living room couch, black and brown fibers teasing through anxious fingertips. You can replay the entire scene in your mind.

Prides and Prejudices
by Joanna Lee and Eri Cho

JOANNA: Take a deep breath, Joanna. Why am I going to this small group? I haven't had the best experiences with Christians.

Untangling Grief
Not Always a Lonely Path
By Eunice Ho

ON THE MORNING OF HALLOWEEN, two days after my dad's birthday, I was pulled out of my third period math class to find my mother waiting 20 feet away from the school front office.

Money Maketh Man
By Steven Hartono

MY MOM ALWAYS SAID, “Trust God, have faith, and you’ll have no reason to worry.”

Creating Sabbath Together
Finding a Rhythm of Rest in Marriage

I SCRUTINIZED THE FAMILIAR SCENE before me in the living room and felt a flash of annoyance. It was a November post-church Sunday afternoon, which only meant one thing: football.