Gale A. Yee is Nancy W. King Professor of Biblical Studies emerita at Episcopal Divinity School. She is the author of several books, as well as many articles and essays. She currently lives at Pilgrim Place, a retirement community in Claremont, California, known for its social activism.

The Woman Warrior Within and About Me
By Gale A. Yee

I am pleased by this invitation from Inheritance magazine to reflect on the concepts that were powerful for me in understanding my identity as an API Christian. I begin by doing a riff on the prevalent stereotype of APIs as “model minorities”.

How Capitalism Echoes the Bible
By Gale A. Yee

As a Chinese American female and the oldest of 12 children who lived in one of the poorest sections in Chicago, I did not grow up having the latest clothes or toys that were flung at us in television commercials.