Grace P. Cho is a writer, wife to a chef husband, and mama to two littles. After pastoring in the local church context for seven years, writing has become her way of leading others. She currently writes and edits for The Mudroom and GraceTable, and she is passionate about mentoring leaders and sharing life and good food around the table. 

The Soil from Which We Create Our Art
By Grace P. Cho

I read once about how some of the most delicious wines are grown in places with the least fertile soils. The inhospitable land forces the grape vine roots to go deeper to look for nutrients and water, and the energy in the sugars created focuses its way to the fruit, resulting in potency in flavor.

Finding Home in the Motherland
By Grace P. Cho

I’ve been through many airports throughout my life — the result of life as a missionary’s kid with a perpetual restlessness to find home. In each place I’ve been to or lived in — Kazakhstan, India, Moldova, Cambodia, Mexico — I’ve tasted a bit of home.