Raised in Alaska, Hannah Villanueva is a writer and photographer who is currently residing on Duwamish territory known as present day Seattle. She is a storyteller and visionary who is on a journey of instilling empathy and emotion. As a multiracial, Filipina and Latinx woman, she hopes to portray wholeness in her art. Her work can be found on Instagram @vianueva.

By Jessica Gapasin Dennis

What is the proper response to the sacrifice of all those who came before me? Who decides when it is enough?

Journey to the Midwest
By Jennifer Duann Fultz

“Journey to the Midwest” is a retelling of my father’s immigration story in the style of the classical Chinese novel, "Journey to the West".

Wholly Woman, Holy Human: Part Two
By Hatty Lee

What happens when metaphors and rhetorics about the female body, in service of male control and desire, become literal?

Wholly Woman, Holy Human: Part One
By Hatty Lee

Could women center their bodies as their own way of encountering God, without being subject to male desires or control? Can we articulate our own freedom by listening to, ritualizing, and making meaning out of our flows and cycles and senses?