Issey Fujishima is a Japanese German designer and artist active in Melbourne. He has been involved in rural development and disaster relief at  the Asian Rural Institute, a Christian nonprofit in Japan. His first book “The Reign of God” is an illustrated novel that retells the passion and message of the historical Jesus. You can find Issey at:

Prophecy, Poetry, and Perspective
By Issey Fujishima

A long time ago, the first chancellor of post-war Germany, Konrad Adenauer, joined a TV interview where a journalist asked him the following question: “You were often called ‘The Great Simplifier of Politics’.

The Reign of God
Review of a graphic novel emphasizing Jesus' humanity
By Wendy Hu-Au

"The Reign of God: A Gospel Story" (2017) by Issey Fujishima is a graphic novel that attempts to reclaim the humanity and complexity of Jesus as a person in history. How human was Jesus? How much did he struggle with his calling?

To Every Place that Clouds Can Reach
By Issey Fujishima

When the raging fires had all burnt down, Jerusalem was not a city anymore, but a graveyard. Where once the great Temple of Yahweh had stood, not one stone was left upon another. The Roman army had shattered the great Jewish revolt and all hopes for Jewish sovereignty were washed away in blood.