Ivan Blanco is a Filipino American, Los Angeles-based illustrator and designer. He loves listening to people’s unique stories and telling his own through his work. He aims to use art as a platform to hear, share, and honor all stories especially ones that feel untold. See more of his work at ivanblancoart.com or through Instagram @ivanb511.

Migration as Grace
The God of My Gung-Gung
By Robert Romero

I had heard the story a thousand times. As a young man in China in the 1920s, my Gung-Gung (grandfather) Calvin Chao contracted the deadly disease of tuberculosis.

Gardening in the Ashes
By Hatty Lee

I came across this line in the book “The Cultivated Life”, and it moved me. The author described a forest after a wildfire, with trees leveled down to charred stumps and dead branches, and then, suddenly, a green shoot peeks out from the ashes. Yes, some seeds only open up in destruction. But until that flash of color, death is present — acute and chronic pain, grief, desolation.

Lost in Translation
The Post-Asian American Evangelical Christian
By Joseph Yoo

I arrived late for the opening worship of a conference for second-generation (and beyond) Korean American pastors and church leaders. Instead of quietly sneaking into the sanctuary, I found myself hesitating to go in.