Jonathon Sun is a student affairs practitioner in central New Jersey who’s work primarily focuses on diversity and inclusion. His research interests include race, religion/spirituality, student development, assessment and post-colonial theory. On his free time, Jonathon enjoys learning how to make data more accessible with R, music production, crocheting and running.

Proximity to Whiteness is a Lie
The Role of Asian American Churches in Affirmative Action
By Jonathon Sun

Asian Americans have been brought to the forefront of the news because of Harvard’s Affirmative Action case and the Asian American community has been divided about how to approach the issue. Some groups argue that Asian Americans have been systematically discriminated against because of racial quotas.

Finding Resilience in Korean American Christianity
The Intersection of Faith, Research, and Home
By Jonathon Sun

I am in Columbia, Missouri, sitting in a beautiful sanctuary with rows upon rows of chairs filled with people. Voices, instruments, and spirits blend together to create the ideal Sunday worship. People are standing, some lifting their hands, while others are silently taking it all in.