Jordan Aspiras (she/her) is a a twenty-something, interracial, woman of color. Currently in her third year of her Master of Divinity, Jordan plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022, with the hope to continue on the Chaplaincy path. Find her on Instagram: @sunshinewomann.

Walking the Path of Marigolds
Extending Hospitality to the Dead as a Hospital Chaplain
By Jordan Aspiras

When I started embracing loss, death, and grief more openly, I found myself feeling a sense of freedom that I did not know before. I was suddenly more available to my own grief and the grief of others. I learned to be gracious with the me whom I have left behind.

Naming as Way-Finding
By Jordan Aspiras

Whether we like to think of it or not, our names are marks of colonization that we carry with us. Filipinos recognize the relationship of the name to the location. In this case, the Filipino diaspora recognizes the distinction of Spanish influence on their names, while others assume its Spanish origin must mean my ancestry is directly from Spain.