Joyce Chang is a follower of Jesus and a celebrator of life. She studied Comparative Literature and Education at UC Berkeley and has a passion for telling stories and coffee shops. 

Meal by Meal
by Joyce Chang with Sung and Wai Tse

SUNG AND WAI always share their food, even without utensils. In a restaurant, they get more variety this way. Even with Costco pizza, you can find them alternating bites.

Standing On Shifting Ground
A Pastor’s Wife’s Journey to Find Freedom
by Joyce Chang with Rae Weng

IT WAS RAE and Benson’s last premarital counseling session, a week before their wedding.

The Strangers Among Us
Where We as the Church Join
By Joyce Chang with Jenny Yang

VICE PRESIDENT of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief, an international relief and development non-profit. At the young age of 33, Jenny Yang is making her mark as a world changer.