Justin Tse (he/him/his) is Assistant Professor of Humanities (Education) at Singapore Management University. He is the lead editor of "Theological Reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement" (Palgrave, 2016) and is working on a book manuscript titled "The Secular in a Sheet of Scattered Sand: Cantonese Protestants and Pacific Secularities" (in preliminary agreement, University of Notre Dame Press). Although he is Eastern Catholic, he cannot seem to stop writing about Asian American evangelicals. Also, he is happily married now. He stopped using evangelical pickup lines.

Oops, They Did It Again
Some Asian American evangelical “minor feelings” about Saddleback Church
By Justin Tse

There is also now a history of over 16 years of Asian American evangelicals writing on the Internet since 2004 about how white evangelicals have orientalized them in Vacation Bible School curriculum, popular books sold at Christian bookstores, social media posts, church-planting training skits, reception to chapel talks, denunciations of “social justice” and “critical race theory”, anti-Asian racism during the pandemic, U.S.-China relations in light of the January 6 Capitol coup, and the current children’s Sunday school material debacle.

蒙上眼睛,就以爲看不見 Repress your eyes, so you thought you couldn’t see it
My Aunties and Uncles Taught Me to Feel The World
By Justin Tse

The point of a public health crisis is that, like the wound of history, we are forced to pay attention to our bodies and what they feel. Doing so may save our lives as well as those around us.

Getting Off the Fence
How Eastern Catholicism Got me Intellectually Unstuck Through Hong Kong’s Occupy Protest
By Justin Tse

I became Eastern Catholic because I was a bad intellectual. And I wanted to become a better one. I did not know that my intellect was in such bad shape until I finished my doctorate. Professionally, I have a Ph.D. in geography. My dissertation is on Cantonese-speaking Protestants and how they engage with politics and social issues.