Keomanich “Nich” Khim works as a professional artist in Columbus, Ohio, in various education, ministerial, and legislative sectors. As a mentor and youth minister, Nich spends much of his time reflecting the love and artistry of the Creator to those around him. He has spent nearly 20 years focusing on young people and being a proponent for discipleship, teaching them to love God, themselves, and others. He is also a co-founder of Southeast Asian Catalyst and still remains in an advisory role to the leadership team.

This Coconut Cracker is My Body
Learning to Partake of Communion in the Form of Southeast Asian Foods
By Keomanich “Nich” Khim

As a child, I often rubbed the paper texture of the dry cracker during communion and wondered if such a thing really represented Jesus’s body. Maybe it was the wafer’s ability to create a satisfying “kurrrch” sound as I cracked it — maybe this was what brokenness sounded like, a reminder of Jesus’s broken body and sacrifice before a rushed prayer of thanksgiving and repentance.