LeLe S. Hsu is the Campus Minister with the Multiethnic chapter at Boston University. Originally from Chesapeake, Virginia and graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.S. in Mathematics. LeLe is biracial, 2nd generation Filipina and Black American, and that has encouraged her to minister to multiracial and marginalized students, and help them know that they are made in the image of God and their ethnicity is good and valued.

I Am Seen
By LeLe S. Hsu

Over the last four years, my relationship with my now-husband, Greg, has helped me unearth and identify the differences and lies within my own Asian ethnic identity. I am biracial, Black American, and second-generation Filipina.

Choose One
Black, Filipino, and Whole
By LeLe Skinner

In second grade, my teacher surveyed the class' ethnicity make-up to teach a lesson on sorting and categorizing. I remember looking at the paper, seeing the list of ethnicities, and reading those words: “Choose one”.