Liana Bak is a California State University Long Beach art student working to bring her art into the Christian community. Especially after studying abroad, she has become more open to the world God has to offer. Her art blog is You can follow her on facebook at

Healing in the Space Between
by Anita Colombara

I SAW THEM through the second floor window. A family of at least 20 — playing loud music, dancing, singing, eating, laughing at each other's jokes, holding each other's babies.

Leaving Misconceptions and Uniting in Truth

JUDY AND I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this past summer. But it has only been a couple of years since I really saw how our marriage worked and what its inner dynamics were like — in fact, for the first decade, I lived with some deep misconceptions.

Breaking the Silence of Depression
by Kathy Khang

It has been four years since a major anxiety attack finally sent me running to my doctor for help. I still remember sitting in her office explaining — with as stiff an upper lip as possible — what had led me to call for the first appointment available and then losing it in a puddle of tears and a wave of relief.

We Were Once Foreigners
By Eric Chen

As I walked into the local park to play basketball, I could tell by their haircuts, soft-spoken demeanor, and thick accents that most of the players on the court were from China or Taiwan.