Lucas Kwong is a writer, musician, and assistant professor of English at New York City College of Technology. He's written at, The Institute for Christian Socialism’s "Bias Magazine", Public Books, Journal of Narrative Theory, and Victorian Literature and Culture. He is also assistant editor for New American Notes Online. His music can be found at His wife watches movies — sometimes of Hong Kong provenance — with him in Brooklyn. You can find Against Christian Xenophobia online, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Cross, Fire
How My Uncle's Hong Kong Film Collection Fueled My Resistance to Anti-Asian Christian Nationalism
By Lucas Kwong

Caught in the crossfire — or is it the light of a fiery cross? — we Asian American Christians find ourselves exploited multiple times over. Our race is weaponized to stoke hatred; our faith is harnessed to launder the reputation of hatemongers; America’s rival power exploits that hypocrisy to fuel its propaganda. Shall we plot our escape, or shall we cower, waiting for a Messiah who has already given us his spirit?