Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid) has one of the most positively charged and energetic live sets of any electronic artist hailing from Los Angeles right now. Focusing in on hyper dance, J-pop-inspired bangers, Redito grabs influence from a wide assortment of genres to create an ever-evolving world of intimacy, intensity, and playfulness that’s rarely seen in dance music.

Move On, Don't Engage
by mark redito

IN MANILA, PHILIPPINES, race wasn't something I thought about much. I didn't grapple with issues of culture and racial identity because everyone around me was Brown.

Mark Redito
Make Them Move
By Jason chu with mark redito

ASIAN AMERICAN MUSIC is maddeningly difficult to pin down: What is Asian American music, who is making it, and why? Is it music made by Asian Americans? For Asian Americans?