Martin Yan is employed as a marketing professional in the tech space and enjoys crafting good stories with his free time. He is drawn to stories of redemption and finding God in unexpected places. He has published a children’s book and short story, and is currently working on a second children’s book.

Not Sure If I Can Handle God’s Sovereignty
By Martin Yan

IT’S HARD TO TALK about Justin, my little second cousin, without feeling conflicting emotions. Justin was born out of wedlock to my cousin when she was 19. He was the mistake, the thing that she was trying to hide for several months before her parents found out. He was the accidental life born from two teenagers who had no reason to be together, much less stay together.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect
By Martin Yan with Jason Chu

Jason Chu is not your typical Christian artist — or more accurately, does not appear like it. He sits across from me at a Hong Kong style cafe, with his shirt unbuttoned to reveal a big cross tattooed across the center of his chest.