Matthew Hayashida is an illustrator/designer based in Pasadena, CA. You can see more of his work at

A Contaminating Touch of Love
by Michelle La

GOD MADE ME a person who loves and desires touch. I love giving hugs and not letting go. I love patting people on the back and squeezing people’s arms in af rmation or excitement when conversing.

Silence as Loud as Speech
By Dan Stringer

MY SON DIED of cancer. Sorry to ambush you, but there's no sugarcoating a child's death.

Slow and Steady
Keeping the Big Picture in Perspective While Balancing Ministry Work

GROWING UP, I WITNESSED the hard work ethic of my dad, a chemical engineer who became an entrepreneur. He worked six, sometimes seven, days a week. I remember pleading with him to hang out with me on his days off. As you might guess, it didn’t happen very often. He was usually too tired to do anything.

A Cheerful Giver
by Yulan Lin with Meg and Randy Palisoc

RANDY HAS ALWAYS been generous with his time and resources.