Meljun Picardal graduated from Pacific Rim Bible College in Hawaii and now serves as a missionary in Japan. He has a passion for storytelling through photography and video. He is a fan of the manzai comedy duo, Ahondara.

One Year Later
A Letter to My Parents
By Sarah Lee

Dear Mommy and Deddy, Remember those months as a college senior when I told you about becoming a campus minister? We talked for hours before my graduation about joining staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

How Zen Buddhism Helped Me Find Christ
By Jacob Oki Ahearn

In July 2015, after graduating from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in religious studies, I decided to become a resident at a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. I wanted to experience first-hand what Zen Buddhism was about.

By Kenji Kuramitsu

Recently, I had the chance to officiate my friends’ wedding in Havana, Cuba. Those gathered came from numerous traditions: Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Jewish, atheist, Santería, Yoruba.