Myles Markham grew up in Destin, Florida, and is a graduate of Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C., where they earned their B.S. in intercultural studies and Bible. Although coming out prevented them from launching right into local church ministry, Myles went on to work in international relief and LGBTQ advocacy as the director of outreach for the non-profit Planting Peace in Topeka, Kansas. Amelia joined TRP in 2015 and resides in Atlanta, Georgia where they are pursuing an MDiv at Columbia Theological Seminary and working to grow the grassroots network of other LGBTQ Christians and allies who hope to reimagine the church as a safer and more inclusive place for all people. Myles identifies as a theology nerd and feels passionate about determining what it means to be a trans person of faith with mixed-Asian American/Native Hawai'ian ancestry and a "for better or for worse" kind of love for the Southeast.

How Do I Introduce Myself?
Navigating multiracial identity and dismembering language
By Myles Markham

In 7th grade my geography teacher — in the name of celebrating our respective heritages — split us up into cultural groups and had us research our personal and group ancestries.