Myles Markham (he/him or they/them) is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary, the Impact Producer at Multitude Films, an LGBTQ women-led independent documentary company and the Screening Manager for Story Productions, a non-fiction film ministry of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Previous to their work in film, Myles served as a faith organizer and consultant on LGBTQ inclusion and racial justice in evangelical and conservative communities for five years.

A Letter to a Future Descendant
By Myles Markham

Our genealogies write themselves in traditions and often don’t “write” themselves at all. They are told, they are shared, they are lived. You and I come from peoples who pass and share wisdom, lessons, and riddles as a way to survive, heal, and thrive. You come from ways of life that recognize the balance, respect, and mutuality found in all of creation, and this is completely independent of blood percentages or what “parts” you are of this lineage or that lineage. You are whole. Unified. Integrated.

How Do I Introduce Myself?
Navigating multiracial identity and dismembering language
By Myles Markham

In 7th grade my geography teacher — in the name of celebrating our respective heritages — split us up into cultural groups and had us research our personal and group ancestries.