Naomi Lee is a recently graduated student from Whitman College, trying to find her way through the world. She cares deeply for social justice issues and is passionate about writing. In her free time she enjoys watching “Steven Universe” and reading fiction.

Waiting on God in Prison
By Naomi Lee

“Today we are at day 356 of detention. August 29th is his one-year anniversary since he was picked up by ICE,” Montha Chum says of her brother, Chamroeun Phan, who she calls Shorty. “Not much has changed, it’s just the Board of Immigration that has to make a decision.”

Coalition-Building for Social Change
This is Love in Action
By Naomi Lee

Imagine a suburban city in America which, in response to a rapidly growing Asian immigrant population, tries to make English the official language of the city, while also attempting to pass an ordinance that requires all business signs to display English lettering.

The Making of Mary Metchnek
by Naomi Lee with Mary Metchnek

MARY METCHNEK: tanned skin, curly dark hair, and dark eyes. Her speech is tinged with Hawaiian Pidgin intonations and a Midwestern drawl — curiously, words of an African language also easily slip off her tongue in conversation.

Digging for Roots
Finding Family in the Deep South

“GOD IS GOOD” Charles spoke softly, as Baldwin stood there watching his 76-year-old father's eyes fill with tears. "God is good." Charles held in his hands a Bible that was owned by his father — Baldwin's grandfather — a man who had left his family in China to work in America.