Rachel Tien is an alumna of Biola Univeristy with a background in Christian Ministries concentrating on family ministry.  She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Intercultural Theology & Interreligious Studies at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland while also taking time to explore wherever her feet may lead her in the world.

Making Waves in the Ocean of Culture and Tradition
The Story of Frank Emi During the Japanese Internment Camps
By Rachel Tien with John Mitsugi Riley and Kathy Ito

Deru kui wa utareru. “The stake that sticks out gets hammered down. At age 26, Frank Emi (1916-2010) and his family found themselves in Wyoming’s Heart Mountain Relocation Center, over 1,000 miles from their home. Worst of all, the country that had just stripped away Frank’s rights as a citizen was now forcing him to fight on their behalf.