Russell Jeung is the author of “At Home in Exile: Finding Jesus Among My Ancestors and Refugee Neighbors” (Zondervan 2016), in which he recounts his family’s six generations in California, how they reflect the racialized history of Asians in the U.S., and how he has come to terms with his own Asian American Christian identity. He founded Stop AAPI Hate with Chinese for Affirmative Action and the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council to counter surging Covid-19 racism.

The Clown With Spare Change and Grandma Shue’s Legacy of Creation Care
By Russell Jeung

Chinese grandmas, like mine, actually do have lighter carbon footprints than the average American. Those in San Francisco Chinatown, for instance, use half as much energy as other city residents. We can learn from their ways, both in their lifestyle and in their care.

An Exile’s Dream for Justice
By Russell Jeung

Theologian Amos Yong remarked that African Americans have a theology of liberation, and Latinx have a theology of the borderlands. He suggested that Asian Americans have a theology of exile, because of our status as forever foreigners wherever we are.

Hollywood Dreams and Orientalized Imaginations
Reappropriating Our Racialized Status as Outsiders
By Russell Jeung

At the height of the Great Depression, my grandfather left his brothers and moved with his wife and first newborn child from Oakland to Los Angeles. He wanted to be in Hollywood movies.

Stewardship: Being Faithful Wherever God Calls Us
By Russell Jeung

Tu Shan’s silent desperation began to take its toll. As housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area skyrocketed, he feared that he and his wife would no longer be able to afford to live there.

American Christian Witness Damaged by Trump's Proposed Discriminatory Travel Check
By Russell Jeung

When informed that President Trump's administration has proposed a policy to check Chinese entering the U.S. for their social media, he thought that it aims to keep out terrorists.

Awoken From the Asian American Dream
By Russell Jeung

LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL in San Francisco is an academic magnet school that attracts the best students in the city. From the class of 1980, my classmates included a Nobel Prize winner, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and an internationally best-selling author.