Sara Lawson is a youth pastor, a substitute teacher, a tree planter, and an editor who has recently been ordained as a minister in the Congregational Church. She holds advanced degrees from Jerusalem University College, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, but is most proud of her undergraduate degree which included a towel as a reminder to serve the world. When she remembers she has a blog, you can find her writing at

Extraordinary Women
By the women of Inheritance

In this issue, we celebrate women who are “extra” and generous with their abundance; women who are “ordinary” and committed to their everyday sacredness. All extraordinary.

"Analog Church" in the COVID-19 Age: A Book Review
By Sara Lawson

About three weeks ago, churches across America began to close their doors. In an unprecedented act, many pastors took the courageous stance to support national and local healthcare guidelines that encouraged physical social distancing, as the novel coronavirus began to spread widely across the United States.