Extraordinary Women

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By the women of Inheritance
Jun 17, 2021 | 1 min read
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Our staff struggled to write this editor’s letter because so many terms related to women can be fraught. The phrase “a woman’s way of doing things”, or the word “feminine”, or even “woman”, have been wielded in harmful ways that we do not want to perpetuate. But we find it exciting that there are expanding vocabulary and freer ways of being that have been and are burgeoning from the margins — and we hope to stretch our collective imagination beyond the fixed terms that rein us in.

Inheritance has curated a series of profiles curated, written, and produced by women. When we say “woman” or “women”, we mean anyone who identifies with the lived experience of being a woman, including trans women, cis women, femmes, and demigirls, among many others. In this issue, we celebrate women who are “extra” and generous with their abundance; women who are “ordinary” and committed to their everyday sacredness. All extraordinary.

Extraordinary comes in many forms: deeply personal, creative, collaborative, experimental. In form, content, and process, our featured writers and artists embody the extraordinary spirits and power of women in their lives. These profiles invoke elders in stories and poems; savor the deep love between friends; and explore community in vulnerability and curiosity. They convey strength, sacredness, and subversion. Their words are tools of survival and sustenance.

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Melissa Afable

Melissa Afable has spent the past decade writing and editing for magazines in various fields. She’s a copyeditor for Inheritance Magazine, and a proofreader for a marketing agency focused on fundraising for rescue missions. Melissa serves as a deacon at her church and spends the bulk of her free time serving on its Hospitality, Mercy Ministries, and Worship teams. She is an avid reader and calls Pasadena, CA, home.

Kristine Chong

Kristine Chong (she/her/hers), a 2nd generation Korean American chaplain and activist, is the online editor for Inheritance. A former organizer, service provider, researcher, and community facilitator, Kristine’s ethos of spiritual care is rooted in the interconnectedness of spiritual and social change. Her praxis of care integrates ethics of liberationist, postcolonial, anticapitalist, and ecofeminist aims. She is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary (MDiv), University of Michigan (MPP), and UCLA (BA).

Dawn Chow

Dawn Chow (she/her) is a lighter and dustier blue than she was a few years ago, a peculiar sign of growth and becoming. She is currently a seminary student (M.Div in Spiritual Direction), an editor for Ricepaper Magazine, and an apprentice setter at her local rock climbing gyms. She is sustained by baos and tea, and marries poetry and photography on IG, @sunrisechowie.

Lauren Dominguez Chan

Lauren Dominguez Chan serves as a story producer for Inheritance. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is now a senior at Yale University, where she studies English with a concentration in creative writing. Apart from writing and editing, Lauren enjoys working with her college chaplaincy and other interfaith communities.

Lisa Yang Fredericks

Lisa Yang Fredericks serves as the director of photography at Inheritance. Born and raised in Minnesota, she graduated from the University of Northwestern - St. Paul as one of the first Act Six scholars in the midwest. Often mentioned as smiley, loyal, and encouraging, she seeks to inspire young lives and impact communities. You can find her drinking Thai tea with a friend, cooking with her siblings, or completing her next read on her list.

Sara Lawson

Sara Lawson is a youth pastor, a substitute teacher, a tree planter, and an editor who has recently been ordained as a minister in the Congregational Church. She holds advanced degrees from Jerusalem University College, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, but is most proud of her undergraduate degree which included a towel as a reminder to serve the world. When she remembers she has a blog, you can find her writing at sarassongs.com.

Sarah D. Park

Sarah D. Park is a freelance writer whose work focuses on the cultivation of cross-racial dialogue with a Christian faith orientation. She is also a story producer for Inheritance Magazine and manages communications and storytelling for several organizations. She is an Angeleno on the inside who is currently based in the Bay Area. 

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