Sarah Lam Akutagawa is a third generation Cantonese American woman from San Francisco. She loves working with international students in InterVarsity. Her favorite things are Japanese washi tape, developing embodied and compassionate leaders, and her husband. She is wholly grateful to Carol Lee and Sarah Lee for their joint leadership of the 2016 Chinatown Program.

A Church for the Seamstresses
By Sarah Lam Akutagawa

With a sunshine yellow tracksuit, she was not hard to miss. As her arms rotated in controlled, windmill motions, my grandmother took her place among a dozen other Cantonese seniors at Washington Square Park in San Francisco.

God in the Alleyways
Uncovering a Chinatown Theology
By Sarah Lam Akutagawa

During the first planning meeting for InterVarsity’s Chinatown Program, I sat with two other Cantonese American women eating dumplings from small plastic bags. We were sitting in Portsmouth Square, a San Francisco Chinatown landmark filled with Chinese chess tournaments and slow-paced exercise classes.